This is a statement from the President, Chairman (and Breed Health Coordinator), and Secretary of the Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain



Dear Members April 2020


As we are all fully aware, we are living in extraordinary times with the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, and it will indeed go down as an historical year in terms of dog showing and other dog activities. Club activities have all but come to an abrupt halt. The work of the Committee and others still continue and our support is always there, despite it.


We have the good fortune, however, to have dogs in our lives. They bring us joy, consolation, and reasons to be cheerful. We cannot imagine life without them.


Because of the current situation we have had to cancel several of our planned events, such as our Spring Open Show and AGM 2020, and several committee meetings. In the balance are the Norfolk and Norwich Terrier Fun Day in August 2020, education day(s), and Championship Show in September 2020. Please keep an eye out for changes to this prospect.


We implore everyone to think of what might happen to their dogs and other pets should they be taken ill. The Club has provided forms that you fill out with your wishes and place where it can be found in your home and your car, or with anyone who has the permission or ability to help. At the same time, however, we wish that everybody and their dogs keep well.


We encourage all our members to follow the guidelines from the Government and Public Health England, and the equivalent bodies in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and make doubly sure that they are protected. We advise also our overseas members to take care. It is useful to remember that, apart from an infected person coughing/sneezing right onto you, the most likely mode of transmission is from your hands to your face. Practice hand hygiene most of all, as the general advice from the start has been.


From a breed Health point of view, we are still running our Health Snapshot, in which you report any confirmed conditions your dog(s) might have suffered. To do this you need to phone or speak to Linda Philip, Jill Stevenson, or Andre Hess. The Breed Health survey 2019/2020 has now come to an end, and our veterinary scientist, Mr Richard Harle, will now be collating the results. Our Breed Health Coordinator, Andre Hess, who is a veterinary surgeon, will then put the results past the veterinary specialists.


As a service to our breed and to the Club, Andre Hess MRCVS is prepared to take phone calls/emails/social messages if you need advice or help with your Norfolk Terriers. Other breeds are welcome.


In general terms regarding availability of veterinary treatment and advice the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has offered the following statement:


The RCVS has recently updated its series of FAQs to help veterinary professionals understand the new rules, including small animal practice and those working in ambulatory roles, eg equine and farm vets.

Routine treatments, other than those essential to maintaining the future food supply chain, should not be carried out until further notice.

You may offer your clients advice and consultation services via remote means, including prescribing POM-V medicines where appropriate (see RCVS FAQ 4 for details).

Clients and/or veterinary professionals should only travel to see animals if judged essential to do so.

Animals should only be seen in emergencies or where, in the judgement of the veterinary surgeon, urgent assessment and/or treatment is needed in order to reduce the risk of patient deterioration to the point where it may become an emergency in the near future (ie within the three-week time frame currently laid out by the Government for these measures).

Veterinary professionals should exercise judgement as to when it is necessary for you to see an animal and/or their owner in person.


We advise that you familiarise yourself with your veterinary situation locally, and keep their telephone numbers handy.


As a membership we are united by our love of the Norfolk Terrier. This remains unchanged while all around is turmoil.


We wish you well.

Martin Phillips, President

Andre Hess, Chairman

Lynn Ward, Secretary