Health Statement

The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain




The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain and its Breed Health Subcommittee take great interest in the health of the breed. The Breed Health Subcommittee produces the required Breed Health Report for the Kennel Club each year, and has a practicing veterinary surgeon as its Breed Health Coordinator. ‘Health’ is on the agenda of every committee meeting and a report is delivered at the Annual General Meeting each year.

The Norfolk Terrier is a robust breed, from which the Kennel Club currently requires no tests. A large number of Norfolks have been DNA tested for more than 300 genetic diseases and have come back clear. Details are available from the Breed Health Coordinator.

We are, however, not content. On-going projects include our ‘Breed Health Snapshot’ which invites Norfolk Terrier owners to report any confirmed health issues to the subcommittee (these are then logged), a Cardiac Auscultation Survey and a Patella Scheme (promoted at events like the annual Fun Day), and our more recent Cardiac Auscultation Scheme, with veterinary certification, for breeding dogs and bitches.

In 2014/15 the Club produced the biggest breed health survey ever done on the Norfolk Terrier in the United Kingdom. A follow-up Breed Health Survey was also completed for 2019/20. Details of all these can be found on the Club website

NEWS: Because Norfolk Terriers are so low in number the Kennel Club has in 2021 included the breed in their Breed Health and Conservation Plan.

All the health information we gather is viewed through the lens of professional/academic veterinary literature, and regularly shown to veterinary professionals and specialists outside of the breed. We know where the UK Norfolk Terrier stands in terms of research and surveys for dog-wide breed health issues.

We appreciate all contributions to our efforts, and invite all owners of Norfolk Terriers in the UK to join in the Club’s initiatives.

The Breed Health Subcommittee, The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain



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