March 2017

Club Shows from 1982 Photos

It was in 1982 that I started taking a few photographs at noteworthy shows and then in about 1991 we decided to try to photograph the winners at all the Club shows, as best we could.
But it was all rather haphazard and there are many gaps, but the pictures we have are part of the Club's history and we hope you will enjoy looking back over the years.  
Top left on most pages is the judge and the names of the winners, (not necessarily photographed) with captions underneath the photos.

Sally Willbie

Rescue and Welfare

Norfolk Terrier Rescue and Welfare


Norfolk Terrier Rescue And Welfare

According to the Rules of the Club, one of the Objects of the Norfolk Terrier Club of GB is to protect the breed and also to render all assistance possible to owners, breeders and exhibitors of Norfolk Terriers.