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BIS Crufts 2005


148 Hello! Thought i'd send you a picture of Buddy who is now 2 years old. He is our 1st Norfolk and we think he is fantastic! (see comment 111). Love the web-site, especially the photos! Regards, R Howard, Lancashire. (09-03-2008)

147 Well, actually 5 months old now. Our first terrier. What a pleasure. Will his coat grow more curly as he grows older?   Alan Wells.  (15-01-2008)

146 Norfolk Terriers are playful, energetic, and like people. My Norfolks like digging, chasing cats and birds, and water from a hosepipe.
They break Christmas present toys in a miniute.
They like to sleep to touch somewhere of my body while I watch TV. They listen to me with adorable eyes. I love all of their characters.
Norfolk Terriers are my life, indeed.

Three generations Norfolks


My Norfolk Fuki in the poster at Giuza subway

May the members and their Norfolks of this club
have a wonderful and happy time through the next year.  Yoko Ohbora

145 Hello,   I would like to know if any of your members are working their Norfolk Terriers. The breed has a good reputation as a ratter/rabbiter but has this been lost?   Thanks, Tim. (03-12-07)

144 My name is Malvina, I am from Brasil and a I have Norfolk here from Jaeva's kennel. I like them very much, they are lovely. I am very interested in improve  my breed here  with new blood line, and I am looking for partners to do that.   Thanks for all, Malvina
Malvina Waisberg, Harwhite Kennel
(11) 9613-3945
. (08-10-07)

143 I just wanted to say how happy I am to find that you still include Coco's gallery at Crufts.  It delights and amuses me every time I see it, which is often!  Thank you.  Barbara Nield, Vancouver, BC. (28-09-07)

142 A big thank you to Cherry Stones for the help she gave me at the 75th Anniversary Championship Show, and for all the lovely specials and prizes that were very generously donated. Also for the donations, help, sponsorship, club stand and hard work that everyone had put in to making it an enjoyable day for all. Last but not least the Judge David Saltmarsh (Pipridges) and the Show Manager and Stewards. Congratulations to Best in Show winner Jackie Phillips with Vichea Pick and Mix and Jane Devereux her breeder. Jane Lloyd Ch Cup Steward (25-09-07)

141 Hi! a little post only to say thank you to the Norfolk Club for the fantastic days I spent in Coventry for the 75° anniversary! I was absolutely deghlited by all beautiful norfolk I saw, by all fantastic people I met!!!
I'd like also remember in this guestbook my beloved Norfolk, Richell upstart at Jaeva, who has passed in april in his 13th year. He gave to my family and me so much... He was a champion, yes, but it doesn't matter... the most important thing is only one: he was simply my best friend!!! I miss you Clive, you will be always in my heart!
Rossella Scarso - Italy

140 We have just returned from the 75th celebrations.Congratulations to everyone who was involved with the organising, the whole event was excellent. The venue was perfect, the management of the show very good, the dinner was excellent, the attention to detail was lovely and the  mementos delightful. Thank you yours in friendship Fiona Davie & Carolyn Elliott. (24-09-07)

139 Hi. Scamp is just coming up to his thirteenth birthday, still loves life and a swim, this is him on Cromer beach. He is quite famous since appearing on the British Canoe Union Calander (see previous message 127). I take him for regular bike rides in the basket through Suffolk and Norfolk, often seen at St. Peters Brewery!! Scamp is a true Norfolk terrier from Norfolk. (15-08-07)

138 Our lovely Ted died whilst sitting beside me in the garden last Sunday. In his twelfth year, this beautiful and lovable dog had been the best companion anyone could wish for. He had a very rich Norfolk accent to his Yaroooooo !....which everyone he liked received on meeting. We  also always got this whenever he considered that his meal times were unreasonably delayed. Ted  always sent out a Christmas letter , couched in the best Norfolk. This often described his frustrations in trying to persuade his 'people' that he really should be fed more food, more frequently, and that the best sofa and cushions were really his by right!.     How splendid he was when he chased the 'eights'  barking  furiously whilst running alongside them on the banks of the  Cam,  serious practising college crews he forced to collapse with laughter and to cease rowing, such was their delight at seeing this honey coloured  big bottomed little fellow  bouncing around with such glee, knowing that  his antics would give such fun to everyone.   Thanks Ted, very dear lovely old Ted for staying with us for so long.     James Barnard (04-08-07)  

137 I enjoy your website and guest book very much, reading all of the postings make me miss my little Fergie so much.  We had to put Fergie to sleep the end of October due to a tumor in the right ventricle of her heart.  There will never be another dog quite like her, I fear, she was very special to us.  We also have a mixed breed Norfolk and he does a lot of obsessive paw licking to the point of making his pads sore.  The vet thinks it is mostly due to allergies, though I often wonder if it isn't that he is a nervous dog.  The vet said to keep the hair between his pads clipped short. Hopefully, some day we will have another Norfolk in our home when our life is calmer.  We lost our beloved daughter to cancer two weeks after we had to put Fergie to sleep.   Bill and Carole Kerr, Waterford, USA. (16-04-07)    

136 Congratulations to all who won classes or who were placed at Crufts.  We couldn’t go this year, but watched the Terrier Group final with much hope, didn’t Jaeva For Petes Sake look smart as did the lovely Norwich.  We really wanted either of them to win, followed by the Australian Terrier and then the Cairn.  Our Monty woofed his disapproval at the judging (well, actually I think he was just asking if he could play with them all!).
Philippa Carter.

135 This is my first attempt to mention my dog Perisblu Hell to Play (Alfie) who was born on 8 June 2005 in Swansea.  He is Black and Tan, he is my best friend since I lost my husband followed my our GSD a month later.  Alfie travels everywhere in a blue Sainsbury shopping basket fixed to the front seat of my car and is known in various shop and garden centres in and around Banbury where I live. He often goes into our local hospital and hospice where people just love to talk and cuddle him, which I thinks is wonderfrul. I work at Sulgrave Manor near Banbury Oxfordshire and often Alfie comes with me, where he thinks he owns the place, visitors love to fuss him, which he loves.    I have three sons, one who lives in Norfolk so we often we go up for a long weekend, Alfie loves it and will settle in his box in Banbury and travel the 100+ miles without stirring until we enter Wymondham, where he recognises the smells.   I have never had a small dog before Alfie, GSD's were the dogs we had for nearly 40 years.  We saw Norfolks long before I lost my wonderful GSD a month after my husband passed away we had talked about having a Norfolk in the future so one seemed the natural dog to have.  It was not easy to find a dog and ended travelling from Banbury in Oxfordshire to Swansea in Wales to see him.   If only we had discovered Norfolk Terriers years ago!! They are wonderful fiesty dogs, could be more obedient but such friendly to everyone and other dogs whether they b Bull Mastifs or any tiny dog.  Alfie is well known by all the children in the area and loves the attention he is given.  I have never had a dog who loves to be brushed and combed like Alfie, I could comb him 24 hours a day and he would still want more.   Alfie is wonderful and has filled such a big gap in my life, I am thinking at the moment that he might like another Norfolk as a friend, but do wonder if the garden would stand it!!
Anne W. (05-03-07)

134 Good Luck to all the Norfolk and Norwich terriers, their owners and handlers, at Crufts this year but especially to the judge who has the hardest job in the world to choose the best when we all KNOW ours is!  I shall attempt to watch it with Travis again this year but it can be a bit difficult to see and hear with him expressing his opinion up against the screen!
Looking forward to seeing the results on this excellent website.
Hope we get the cup again, this year.
Best wishes,
Ursula Goodall and Travis (Toosey Yogi Bear)

133 Hi from the USA. 
5 out of 8 of my dogs are Norfolk Terriers.
They range in age 5
1/2 to 8 weeks.  Ch Franaro Kashmir's Tally-ho, cd, na, naj, cgc was the first the other 4 are her offspring.
My first encounter with a NT was at a go-to-ground for Dachshunds.  I fell in love with them, of course.
Finding one I could show took a couple of years, but worth the wait. They were just what I had been looking for. They are as smart as my Goldens, and compact like my daxies.
I'm currently showing a bitch and dog from Tally's first 2 litters which are pointed, and watching 2 bitches from her last litter trying to decide who will stay.
I wanted to thank Sally Anne Thompson for the screen savers,  I love it and it was so easy to install.  (needs more puppy pictures).
Linda and David Dinger
Huron, tn, usa

132 Dear All,   Thought you might like to see this picture of Hettie and AJ modelling their life jackets. They are so good and don't mind wearing them at all when boating. Aren't they adorable, we just love them to bits.   Chris & Dave Barker.(02-02-07)

131 What a wonderful site for all us Norfolk lovers! I am Mummy to Porter (Belville Silk Oak) His first Mummy being Cathy Thompson. He sends his First Mummy Porter Reports from time to time to let her know that he is the most loved little boy. He is 7 years old and such a sweetie.(24-01-07)

130 Really enjoyed this site. I have an adorable Norfolk called Bertie who is sitting asleep at my feet as I write this. Would love to have another one. Bertie is 5 years old. Do you think he would take to another Norfolk? If it is likely to distress him and cause jealousy I will drop the idea.When he meets other dogs in the park he loves them. What would you advise ?   Many thanks and best wishes.   Dr Jill Ladbrooke (23-01-07)


129 Hi Some of the postings on your website seem relevant to my "baby" Libby. To my great grief, she passed away on November 9th, 2006 at age 13. Libby first developed liver cancer at age 8, and a different malignancy again at age 10 (anal sac carcinoma), and suffered from colitis for many years. We pursued every medical intervention possible and I have found the postings on your website very interesting. I am grieving and all I know is that I miss my Libby so much, but I have to wonder if there is something in the inbreeding of these dogs that both makes that them as beautiful as they are (and Libby was gorgeous), but that sacrifices their health. I may be wrong, I acknowledge that my perspective might be off in my grief. Sue, in memory of my Libby    (19-01-07)

128 Mitzi is our third Norfolk Terrier. Our first, Millie died aged 18 month from  portosystemic shunt. Daisy (almost 8 yeas old) died from a virulent chest infection.    Now we have the adorable Mitzi, aged 2 year old, who did not feel that obedience classes were for her. She would growl at the other dogs and was unable to hear me saying the words to obey, all she wanted to do was to play with the other dogs. This gentle, bright and much loved dog, at home is great, but once out of the house she becomes the demon Mitzi.She is focused on the whole tempting world but not on when we would like her to do.   When she was a puppy she escaped from our house, which is in a quiet road and ran into a busy road full of traffic.  The lights of the cars mesmerised her and she ground to a halt. By then my husband had caught up with her and all was well.     Pavement walking on a short lead is a nightmare. When she hears a car she crouches down on the pavement, as the car passes she  whizzes  round in circles and then tries to  chase after the car.  Turning on my heel, or walking resolutely onwards and giving her tempting morsels of food have not solved the problem.   A dog trainer tried to distract Mitzi (for an hour) as cars went along a road. Mitzi just focused on the cars and had no interest in the clickers or bits of tempting food.  The diagnosis was that Mitzi was stressed. So it was suggested that we should give her a calming remedy before a walk, but this made no difference.   It was then suggested that she should be desensitised. So we have played with her in the garden and tried to take her for walks away from moving cars. We have stopped the pavement walks, but occasionally it is necessary to walk near a road.   In the garden she is happy to sit, stay, lie down and come for tit bits as long as there is no distraction of a high flying plane or bird or a squirrel.  But in the local park or fields if she is off the extended lead she just rushes away and does not come back. So she has to be on the extended lead. She is frustrated, lies down when she sees a dog, then growls when it goes past and then tugs like mad to madly rush after every dog she can see. There is certainly a case of selective hearing! Her latest game is only to come into the house when she is offered a tit bit.   We know that Norfolk Terriers have strong personalities and they do have some strange habits.   Any advice, any tips would be more than gratefully received.   Anne Hobbs  (17-01-07)

127 Hi. Thought you might like to know that our Norfolk Terrier Scamp appears on the British Canoe Union 2007 calendar. He always goes with me when I paddle my canoe on the Norfolk Broads, I took the picture near Beccles on the river Waveney and entered it with another one in the BCU monthly competition.  The BCU then chose Scamp to be Mr. March Scamp is 12 years old and is one of the family and loved by everybody. Regards Steve Harber (05-12-06)

126 This is my 15 year old Norfolk terrier Yoshi enjoying the water on Exmoor during the summer. I got her from a rescue centre at 12 weeks old, we were her 3rd home. Amazingly we were told she was a Border Terrier X. After some research I realised she is a Norfolk Terrier. Since the Norfolk Terrier win at crufts I am approached all the time as more & more people recognise the breed. She is an absolute joy & has given my whole family a great deal of fun all her life. Sadly she lost her best friend my American Foxhound last October at the age of 13 years. Thank you for a great site & the breeders list that you sent me. Carrie (WSM) (21-10-06)

125 Dear Sir/Madam. We have a Norfolk Terrier and I wanted to get a cushion made up showing a Norfolk Terrier but can't find anywhere the make then I was wondering if you know anything does such a thing, its a Christmas present for my wife. Regards, Roger Staden (18-10-06)

124 Just want to say that we very much appreciate the NTC web site; we are looking into almost every day! Best regards from Kennel Bayleafs
Lena Vikbladh, Sweden

123c Nicky Black Query no 123
I got my bitch when she was one in February of this year.  She had mites etc and was generally very itchy for a long time.  In fact she was ravaged.  This seems to have gradually nearly completely subsided.  I get "spot-on" from the vet. However, I have also fed her raw meaty bones mostly raw chicken wings, which she loves, as per Tom Lonsdale's book "Work Wonders" (
You have to order this book via his website because it seems there is a movement against his advice but my bitch seems to have done very well so far on it.  She also loves raw carrots.    In fact she's really spoilt but great fun.
She seems very healthy, still runs around like a crazy puppy from time to time, has a good coat I suspect she is healthy because of her diet.  In fact I have cut the raw chicken wings or rabbit down to just the evening meal and substituted omega dry feed for her morning meal because she was emitting smells while asleep; a dog breeder I know had said that too much raw meat makes dogs stink and this seems to have stopped since I substituded the morning meat with dry omega feed.  I filet the rabbit because as per Tom Lonsdale's advice the bones are really important and sometimes there seems to be a lot of raw meat to bone. I suspect that some dogs are more allergic and reactive to diet than others.  I was also told by my neighbour that the local homeopathic vet had worked magic on a chronic problem with a pet dog so if you haven't tried a homeopathic vet it might be worth a try.
Good luck. Dorcasparry (10-11-06)

123b Thank you so much for your e-mail. We took Mallachie to the dermatologist and he discovered that in fact our dog was not quite free of demodex mites and had a deep bacterial infection in the pads of his paws which as you know goes hand in hand with demodex. He is being treated with "industrial strength" medicine along with antibiotics and is feeling better - his appetite for both food and life is back. It may also be of interest that the Advocate we had been using monthly had not eliminated the problem. Thank you for your concern. Best Wishes. Nicky Black (10-11-06)

123a Sorry, no I have no experience with the problem you describe regarding your dog's feet. It is not common in Norfolks as far as I know, at least I have not seen it. So I cannot give you much of an advice, but ask the dermatologist please. It would be nice though if you let us know what it is and how you cured it. Thank you very much, kind regards, Dr. Frauke Hinsch (17-10-06)

123 Hi! We have 2 Norfolks who we love dearly. Willow is 7 and the youngest Mallachie is coming up for 2 years in December. Mallachie has had persistant problems with initially mites which all dogs are born with but some lack the immunity to keep under control. It took a few months of visiting the vet before they identified it. After some quite agressive treatment Mallachie has been declared free of mites but has still got problems with the pads of his feet which cannot be put down to the mites. They are infected and sore and he licks them incessantly. Mallachie loves walking but cannot go far and for such a young dog, it is very hard for him and hard for us to see him like this. He has maintained a very cheerful demeanor throughout and we admire his fortitude. We are in the process of referrel to a dermatologist in Edinburgh but wondered if anyone had any experience of problems with the pads of paws and what the underlying cause might be - is it something which Norfolks suffer from regularly? Any comments or suggstions gratefully received. Nicky Black (16-10-06)

122 How's this for a coincidence.  We have just been on holiday on the Norfolk Broads (on our boat 'Alleyet') with our two Norfolk Terriers, A.J. & Hettie.  We pulled into one particular 'Broad' and as we were mooring up we spotted lots of Norfolk Terriers out on the grass.  There must be a local meeting we thought, but no, to ours and everyone else's amazement, six of the boats that had pulled in had Norfolk/Norwich Terriers on them, making a grand total of 12 in all.  It was lovely to see so many happy little dogs together and all of them, quite obviously, having a great time on their boating holiday.  The people moored next to us didn't have any dogs, they said they felt completely left out not having, what appeared to be, the required accessory for boating on the Norfolk Broads!  (That's me on the left in the brown t-shirt ).  
Kindest regards Chris Barker

121 I am the owner of a Norwich and a Norfolk and have had my "girls" hand stripped by two chaps in Preston (they are fab with the girls and the girls look really good) but they are stopping the grooming (cos of bad backs etc..)they are just going to handle dogs at shows.   I would like to know of someone who really knows how to how to hand strip, I live in the Chester area I also have a friend to lives in Hereford and we could both do with some names and telephone numbers of people who are really good at hand stripping please... Thank you, Elaine (06-10-06)
Phone - 01978 780479 

120 My name is Heather Griffiths. I Own two Norfolk Terriers, both bitches, one is called 'Belleville Sweet Reason' aka Tuffy and the other one is called 'Jaeva Maid Marian' aka Toto. Tuffy is 20 months old and Toto is 15 months. I had to wait a long time to get them, but it sure has been worth it! Both bitches are great fun, full of energy with independant charachters and are true terriers.
We will have them in obedience classes this winter!!

I live in the Chester/NorthWales Area and I have all of my 5 bitches hand stripped there. The person I use is called 'Cathy Latter' at 'Cathy's Dog Grooming Parlour - 01244 531266.'
Kind regards to all Norfolk owners.

119 It´s a very nice and interesting website. I live in Germany and I´m a owner of a Norfolk Terrier, who is called Emma. I´m 15 years old and I work in an AnimalRescue organisation. Now I have to tell a funny story. I have a guinea-pig, which is 5 years old and is the best friend of Emma. They aren´t scared of each other.They do everything for the other, miss the other, if she isn´t at home. Sometimes they play or snuggle together.The dog licks the guinea-pig. So you see they´re really the best friends.  Yours Anne (01-10-06)

118 We have a lovely Norfolk from Maxwell's Weatherman and Ruddle Ridge Roket's Red Glare.  We call her Fergie even though her name is Blackthorn's Ponette.  She is from Nanfan stock, Nanfan Culver, Nanfan Carraway.  Fergie is 9 years old and has been the best dog we could ever hope to have.  She is always cheerful, wakes up happy every day, and is such a little hunter.  Unfortunately, she has developed a tumor around the right ventricle of her heart and we will soon lose her.  It is breaking our hearts.  She has a sister somewhere in England.  Her mother and brother are with the man we got her from, Bill McCain.   Have any other Norfolk's that you know of had a tumor like this?  I only hope we can keep her going as long as possible without her suffering.  We have her belly tapped every time the fluid builds up, but don't know how many times they can do that procedure.  Fergie started her life on the show circuit and won some Best in Show's but the life was too stressful for her and she developed bladder stones, so Bill McCain bought her back.  She has had a good, loving life with our family, and she will be so missed.   Carole & Bill Kerr Michelle Smith 482 Boston Post Road Waterford, CT  06385 (19-09-06)

117 HI,  I am the very luckey mum to a darling black and tan little boy who is 2 years old, his name is Vinnie short for invinceable, cause thats what he thinks he is . He recently had a holiday in Sussex where he went swimming and 2 black swans came after us, he was saying hello to a herd of cows, and they decided he was very interesting and chased us out of the field. He trys to bite the bushes when we are driving in the car and eat the raindrops, he loves garfield and animal programmes, chases flies but never sees the rabbits in our garden before they see him . He has a great life. Next year I hope to find a brother for him. We love him so much and he gives us so much back, may he live always.   Maggie and Vinnie (01-09-06)

116 Having recently lost our faithful 15 year old Labrador, we visited the Welsh Kennel Club Championships and fell in love with the Norfolk Terrier.  We would like to thank Lesley and Peter for all the information they gave to us regarding the breed.  We are seriously considering a Norfolk to fill the void in our lives. Derek & Pippa Adams (21-08-2006)

115 Hi Webmaster, I was wondering could you help in any.   Our two little Norfolks both suffer with terrible colitis, and have done since they were puppies, they are now 18 months old. We nearly lost one of them a few weeks ago and we were very upset. Have you heard of anyone else's Norfolk suffering from this complaint, I would be very grateful if you could post this on the website.   Kind regards Vicky Green (15-08-2006)

114 We lost our Cairn Terrier to congenital kidney disease at the age of 4.  We were devastated so much that I could not bare to get another one at the time.  We were at a dog show in Cleveland and walking through the staging and grooming area we found the terrier that I knew instantly would become what I feel is the greatest breed on earth, LOL!  Don't we all?  I was talking to my wife and to my amazement something starting nuzzling at my arm.  I turned and there was the most beautiful little puppy bitch I ever saw.  The owner was also amazed because she said the she never was very social or kind to strangers.  The owner was so curious that when I asked if I could please pet she said yes begrudginly.  My heart was broken, because she gave me loving snuggles and kisses and was playful, never once lashing out or growling.  In fact she was puddy in my hands and me in hers.  I went home immediately and starting doing research.  We are now grieving the loss of our Ten year old Norfolk-Tanner, but are excited about our hopeful    new future family member Kelly, a wonderful 2 year old male.  Thanks to everyone for doing such a great job of informing and helping to keep the breed standard intact and litters to a minimum.  Its tough when you want a pup but waiting makes it so much sweeter.  Thanks to you all!!   Sincerely,   Jeff Stout/Nancy Hunter (07-08-2006)

113 We own a delightful Norfolk bitch nearly two years old thanks to LesleyHarpham and Pete Hulance. We have introduced her to the delights of agility training and she is coming along very well much to our amazement.  We hope to be able to attend the fun day at Baginton. With best wishes  Margaret and Robert Moore  (12-07-2006)

112 Great website - very informative. My little chap is just 7 months old, has a tremendous "fearless" personality - took his first swim at 5 months in the "Lake" at Badminton - luckily not on cross country day. Loves horses, people, kids and other dogs - never had a sad day!! However not being much of a dab hand at "stripping" well not the doggie variety anyhow, need recommendation for a good dog grooming company in South West London (we are in Wimbledon) Any thoughts would be much appreciated - don't want to risk someone who isn't an expert in the Norfolk. (06-06-2006)

111 Just like to say hello and what a lovely site.  We have wanted a norfolk for a long time and finally in May 2006 Buddy arrived! He is 12 weeks old now and a real handful and never fails to entertain us! :)
Kind Regards, R Howard

110 Our Norfolk is 9yrs old and weighs 19lbs. We have fed him on James Wellbeloved Senior Light most of the time we have had him - nearly three years (he's rescued) - just enough to cover the bottom of the bowl with a little carrot at the moment. He has been down to 17lbs, but we cannot shift any weight these days. He goes for two 'drags' a day, which is no pleasure to either of us. We love him to bits and want to do the best for him. I would be grateful for suggestions. Regards Jenny Gates

109 Our beloved Norfolk died recently at 5 years of age from the sudden onset of auto immune haemolitic anemia for which there was no cure although the vet tried everything available to aid him. I believe that this condition is not normally associated with Norfolk's but do you know of other cases in the breed? Christopher Pitt (10-05-2006)

108 We have two Norfolk bitches, Tasha and Tilly, they are sisters from the same litter. They were very hard to train together so my parents have Tilly, which has worked out great. They are 15 months old now and see each almost every day. They make us laugh all the time they are so funny together and watch TV whenever an animal comes on. They are just adorable little demons and all the family love them very much. We have had a lot of different dogs through our life, but not quite like our little Norfolks.Kind Regards Vicky Green (10-05-2006)

107 A lovely site, full of useful information.   We have wanted a Norfolk Terrier since we were literally bowled over by one about 9 years ago.  Now the time is right and we are looking forward to having a new member of the family in the not too (I hope) distant future (22-01-2006)

106 We have just lost our little Norfolk Tom after having him for 9 years.  He had heart failure.  He was a very special boy he had so much charm and made friends with everyone.  He was such a happy little dog and loved coming to the farm with me to help with my ponies.  We miss him so much.  We still have Katy also a Norfolk who is a joy to own and such a character. We will get another as I cant imagine not having a Norfolk in my family. Jane Young Scotland (27-09-2005)

105 Hi to all Norfolk Terrier owners. I am the proud owner of Oska who is three years old. He is adorable and gets on great with all dogs and people. He lives with a very lively, energetic 11month old chocolate Labrador called Roxy. I was reluctant to get a terrier but he has got a great temperament and so pleased I decided to become an owner of a Norfolk. I was so pleased when Coco won Crufts. Well done! Best regards, Jules. (05-09-2005)

104 What a beautiful website!
GOD BLESS you all! I absolutely LOVE the music with the shadow dog barking ("Singing)" "Oh Maria" etc... I truelly know in my heart that St Francis looks after all animals, even the sometimes "spicy" Norfolks!! A job WELLDONE to all who put together this LOVELY page!!  animal and norfolk enthusiast,  Nancy E Allen   God Bless All!

103 This is Clarence my beloved little boy who has just recently died of respiratory failure, he was twelve and a half. As you can see he had his leg amputated, this was due to cancer, he travelled around in his littler cart for almost three years.  He was a celebrity in the local area and everybody loved him. I am devastated at his loss.  He was such a brave little fellow nothing phased him, he kept his happy go lucky attitude right up until the end.   He was his mummy's little solider and I miss him so very much, my heart is broken.     Yvonne Cameron. (31-07-2005).

102 Muggle, our super little Norfolk is now 14 months old. He would like to send 'greetings' to all his fellow Norfolks out there. He proudly won his class at our local 'Fun Dog Show' recently. If any of you are in East Kent ever and want to go 'walkies' we have a wonderful cliff top/ beach walk on our doorstep. Best wishes to you all. Daphne Tully and Muggle (28-06-2005).

101 I just found your lovely Web page. (The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain) I really wish to subscribe to your magazine if you have one. Please let me know the availability and price including shipping charge.  I live in Japan and am very interested in Norfolk Terriers. Thank you.   Best Regards, Yayoi Kuroiwa. (03-06-2005).

100 Wanted : Is there anybody out there, who has a little red norfolk dog, that needs a warm loving home, doesn't have to be a show dog, or a puppy, I lost my little boy with cancer last year, and this home has lost that loving feeling, its empty and cold, wants to hear the patter of four little feet. Regards, lynda briggs (02-06-2005).

099 Way to go CoCo you have made us all very proud! You are truly a remarkable dog. Hugs, Betty G (27-05-2005)

098 Norfolk Terriers are the most wonderful little dogs, I had two both sadly no longer here, but will always be in my heart. (27-05-2005)

097 Hi I wanted to say congratulations to Coco for winning best in show. I have a three year old Shih Tzu named Britney and we love her so much. We have followed Coco and think she is a sweetie. I hope to someday get a Norfolk like her. Sincerely Sally and Britney (25-05-2005)

096 Coco is the greatest! I would love to have a coco tee shirt. Do you sell them or know where I could get one? Nan Kelly (23-05-2005)

095 Very sadly we have just had to have had Muffin, our third Norfolk over twenty seven years ( some were concurrent ), put down at the age of nine and a half.

He had a heart problem.  We naturally want to get another as soon as possible.  Francis Templer, Northumberland (23-05-2005) Telephone     01434 684280
Mobile  07752 328850

093 Dear Coco,    I first saw you on TV when you won a Best in Show.  I am homebound and am looking for a companion pet.  You are SO adorable that I decided to adopt a Norfolk Terrier.  No other breed will do since I saw you!  You even charm the Queen!!! Hugs and Kisses, Uncle Michael (30-04-2005)

089 Sent in (17-04-2005):

088 We just checked out the full story on the ANTA website today and wanted to send our heartiest congrats to Coco!  Thomas (Dralions Thomas Magnum) and I were so excited to confirm our conviction that the Norfolk is truly the finest breed in the world!  We continue to spread the word in Canada!! Peggianne Wright, London ON Canada (and Dralions Thomas Magnum, below) (09-04-2005)

087 Coco's win at Crufts.
Our very warmest congratulations on your spectacular win at CRUFTS 2005   All the way from Sweden John and Anna Marshall And all the Tamoretta Poodles (09-04-2005)

086 Congratulations with the Best in Show on Crufts,What a fabulous girl. So pretty. Best wishes from Norway. Aud and her two Norfolk terriers: Bodil and Deedee. (02-04-2005)

085 My husband and I loved the looks of the Norfolk Terrier while watching The Westminster Show.  We have been searching for a dog that would suit us.  We found it!!  Thank you   Roxanne Benton    (02-04-2005)

084 Dear Coco, CONGRATULATIONS on your fantastic Win - we could hardly breathe watching you in Best in Show ! We are very proud of you and hope you have a wonderful happy retirement. Lots of Love from your dad (Cookie) and sister (Crunchie) and our mum Rita Mitchell. 

083 Coco's wonderful pirouettes in the ring are famous but where did she get them from?
Her father Cookie (Ch Richell Claret) of course!

Here he is with Rita winning
Veteran at the age of 9
at the NTC of GB Ch Show
2003 under Frauke Hinsch
  Coco takes the Bitch CC
at Crufts-

Photos: Sally Anne Thompson Willbie

082 Hello, We have just checked the fantastic collage of pictures of Coco and her team at your web site. The pictures were put together in the most fantastic way and gives full justice to this fantastic occasion of a fantastic little dog having a fantastic win giving full credit to her breeder, owners, handlers and of course the judges who made this historical win for the breed possible. Marita  and Kenneth Eliasson and the Cantab Norfolk and Norwich terriers from Sweden. (29-03-2005)

081 Congrads from Marblehead, Massachusetts, from Spike II the Norwich, and from the memory of our seven beloved Norfolks, your distant Bethways cousins. Nors rule! Peter Lake (29-03-2005)

080 A.J. who is now almost 10 months old and has the most beautiful red coat is in need of stripping and grooming, does anyone have details of where I can get this done in Kent? Many thanks Chris Barker (29-03-2005)

079 Dear Piet, You have put in such a lot of hard work on getting Coco's Crufts adventure on the web. Both Pam Beale (one co-owner) and I are delighted, thrilled and proud. Thank you, Piet! All the best. Elisabeth. (28-03-2005)

* Coco at Crufts-Gallery

078 Interested in NorfolkTerriers.
I have spoken to Cherry Howard who told me to look on this web site. We are keen to learn more about Norfolk Terriers
Yours Sophie Grant and Sandra

077 Woo-woo! We love you Auntie Coco!

Laughing Lyons Charmoneuix at ANTA Match, W. Palm Beach.

Katharine Hepburn Van Darscharia and her first litter of pups: Laughing Lyons Harry Winston, Laughing Lyons Charmoneuix and Laughing Lyons Jardinier wish to humbly salute their great Auntie Coco, Elisabeth Matell, Rita Mitchell, Cherry Howard, Pam Beale and the world class "Green" Team: Peter Green and Beth Sweigart for such beautiful conditioning and professional handling of this wonderful little dog.   Such a treat to watch and cheer for all of you! Linda Lyons and the Norfolk Terriers
Laughing Lyons Norfolk Terriers. Greenwich, CT USA

076 Congratulations with the Best in Show on Crufts. It was marvellous to see how the Norfolk became Best in Show.   Piet de Bruijn, Kennel de Pievemoed, Netherlands.

075 Just want to add my congratulations to a fabulous little girl!  She caught my eye last year at Westminster and was thrilled to hear she did so well at Crufts.  Personally I thought she should have won Westminster too but hey there is always next year!  Although I breed and show shelties these wonderful dogs have always caught my eye.  Congratulations! Gillian Robertson Tapestry Shelties London, Ontario, Canada (23-03-2005)

074 What an exciting day the final of Crufts was ! It ended up with that Coco was chosen as Best in Show. I have become a more Norfolk Terrier lover and a more  proud owner of my Norfolk Terriers Sala and Fuki now .

It was a wonderful travel to go to England and to see Crufts 2005. 

I have shown the video of Crufts to my Norfolk Terrier friends in Japan. I was very happy to have  been there and seen many Norfolks and talked their owners. Yoko Ohbora (22-03-2005)

073 From Norway come big, big
Gratulations to Coco!! It's amazing, and your mum must be soo proud! We wish all Norfolk Lovers a really Happy Easter! Best wishes from Mona Hofoss & the Dogs! Kennel Esperanza, Norway

072 CONGRATULATIONS to Coco, her Breeder and her Owners.
Glorious! Tico Steinhage, The Netherlands.

071 Well done to Coco but particularly delighted about Hatcwood Madrigal, From another Norfolk from Cherry All the best. Ghislaine Garvey (18-03-2005)

070 So Coco has done it again and what a way to end her showing career.  She really is stunning and I should like to add my congratulations to her owners and Elizabeth as her breeder.  As the proud owner of another of Elizabeth’s Norfolks, Hal, we got very excited when watching Crufts.  Hal often likes to watch television and he was absolutely fascinated watching all the dogs go round.  He stood up at the screen and kept patting and licking it so we could hardly see what was going on!  Well done everyone.Christine Cook (17-03-2005)

069 Congratulations, to Coco.To see your enthusiasm on the show. You loved it to show yourself to every one.Great!!. Best wishes from our family and our Norfolk’s. Herman and Pascal, The Netherlands (17-03-2005)

068 Congratulation to Coco and Coco breeder and owners. Coco is absolutely lovely, BIS at Crufts is excellent success for all norfolks and their friends. Petr + Jana Danek Czech republic(17-03-2005)

067 Congratulations to the breeders and owners with such a big achievement. And thank you Coco for making such a grand finale at Crufts. Best Wishes, Jacobien and Hans and our Norfolks (Netherlands)

066 All breeders should be encouraged to breed to this high a standard!  Coco is absolutely lovely!  I really enjoyed seeing her at Westminster.  Ginny Lea (15-03-2005)

065 I am excited to see a Norfolk Terrier has won Cruft! Congratulations to Coco and co ;) for all their hard work and years of effort!
My family and I have owned four Norfolk Terriers over the years and two had Ragus in their bloodline!  Just better go check to see if our other two had Nanfan there as well! Best Wishes, Julia. (15-03-2005)

064 Bravo Coco, you have made your friends in Boston so proud…. we knew you could do it. Congratulations Pam, we are thrilled for your little girl! Maureen & Jack Kiely of Boston (15-03-2005)

063 Having just lost my darling Norfolk Terrier Phoebe (a half sister of Coco by Claret) it was with supreme joy my husband and I saw Coco win on Sunday.  We cried as her win was announced and as we watched her handler receive the Rosette and the Cup.  Our congratulations to all who were involved in her breeding and training.  In a few months we shall look for another Norfolk as our three previous Norfolk's have given us such joy. Well done Coco.   Rosianne Pack (15-03-2005)

062 A BIG Hurray from the North of Sweden to a SUPERB WIN! We are so happy for Elisabeth and Coco at first and  also for this lovely breed. Lena and Bill Lindgren Lobeiro´s Norfolkterrier Bygdeå Sweden (15-03-2005)

061 Hooray! Our three Norfolks watched Crufts on TV last night, mum Toffee had her nose glued to the screen from start to finish. They're now barking "We are the champions" (they knew they were anyway! Well done to all involved. We've had fun checking our dogs' pedigrees and see several Nanfan forbears in common. Jo & Tony Elliott - and Toffee, Dougal & Tiggy. (14-03-2005)

060 Congratulations to Coco and everyone involved with her, on such a fantastic achievement at crufts 2005. I am so excited that a Norfolk has finally won Best In Show at Crufts.   I am, myself, the very proud owner of a beautiful 16 month old pet Norfolk bitch called Dot. I visited Crufts for the first time last year before I got her, to make certain that it was a Norfolk that I wanted. I was extremely lucky to get her only a week later, and she has been an absolute delight. I returned to Crufts this year on terrier day to compare her with the others, and of course, I still think that she is  the most beautiful!   I have yet to meet another Norfolk (aside from at Crufts), but quite like being one of the few lucky owners. I hope that if the numbers of Norfolks do grow, that everyone will be loved as much as my little Dot. (14-03-2005)

059 Congratulations to Coco for wining BIS at Crufts - we had a house full of people at the time and we were all watching, when she won a resounding cheer went out from everyone.  She looked just great.   Best wishes Chris & Dave Barker and of course "A.J." (14-03-2005)

058 Coco went Best In Show in Crufts! 
Huge congratulations to Elisabeth, and Coco's owners and handlers to this huge win! What an ambassadour of the breed. From Nan Salminen Nanstop Norfolks and Norwiches (Finland) (13-03-2005)

057 CONGRATULATIONS. I fell in love on Thursday with the Norfolk Terriers, I am so glad Coco won tonight.   Wish I could send the owner an email.   Regards   Suzette Pretorius(13-03-2005)

056 13 March 2005: CONGRATULATIONS to "Coco"
for going BIS at Crufts Dog Show 2005
Eng/USA Champion Cracknor Cause Celebre
(sire: Ch. Richell Claret - dam: Hatchwoods Madrigal)  
bred by Elisabeth Matell,
handled by Peter Green. 
Owned by Pam Beale, Stephanie Ingram and by her breeder Elisabeth Matell.
The first time ever for a Norfolk Terrier to win
the Terrier Group and BIS at Crufts!
 Dr. Frauke Hinsch (13-03-2005)

055 Congratulations! I  am from South Africa, went to Crufts yesterday, fell in love with the Norfolkterrier, and I am a rock fast Jack Russel fan,  came home last, night watch the recorded video. I was so excited.   Sign me up for a lifelong fan   Regards,   Suzette Pretorius. (13-03-2005)

054 I am lucky enough to be the owner of a super, now 7 month, red dog we call Teasel.  He is absolutely georgeous and those of you looking to own a Norfolk, don't give up!  However, I need advice re stripping him.  My local groomers say they strip and clip but I am told that Norfolks must not be clipped.  Any advice anyone.  I believe there is a video I can buy showimg me how to strip him - does anyone know where I can get a copy. Liz B - North Herts.(01-03-2005)

053 I have lost my groomer  and am looking for another. I live in Bushey Heqth in South West Hertfordshire ( about 16 miles northwest of London. Can anyone help?

050 I became a fan of Coco last year, when I saw my first dog show on t.v. She is the most beautiful and endearing dog I've ever seen! Denise (18-02-2005)

043 I think Coco is absolutely adorable.  I always look forward to seeing her in the Dog Shows.  Best of luck with all her competitions.
Cindy White (12-01-2005)

038 We have been Club members for years, and thought the following information might be useful to some owners. We have three Norfolks, Toffee, now 11 and her two pups, Dougal and Tiggy, now 8. We've just been told by our vet that a lump we'd found ten days ago on Toffee's side is benign. Our excellent vet had treated the lump with antibiotics but also recommended a biopsy. This procedure needed only a sedative and local anasthetic, and Toffee was bouncing about within a few hours. This particular type of tumour, a "benign cutaneous histiocytoma" responded to the biopsy itself, which stimulated the immune system which then destroyed the tumour in about one week. So if in doubt, do have a biopsy done.     It is perhaps just a coincidence, but two years ago, her son Dougal had a similar tumour in almost exactly the same spot. If anyone wants any more details, please e-mail Tony & Jo Elliott  (30-10-2004)  

036 I am just about to become the proud owner of a black and tan male puppy, called Vinny. He is beautiful. Maggie (03-10-2004)

035 Hello would like to thank the officers and committee, for the time and effort they put in to make the 40th show such a memorable day, for exhibitors and visitors, the dinner and service was second to none... 
But did Elisabeth really bake the cake we had for afters.
Glenhafod Norwich Terriers
Visit our Dogs (25-09-2004)

034 Just to say thank you for a really interesting Web site.   Our Norfolk terrier puppy Muggle 5 months, is now firmly established in the Tully household. George our 17 year old cat has tried to keep him in his place without much success! I think my husband and myself might be having a bit more success, much to our amazment as Muggle is about to be awarded his first certificate at Puppy training after just 4 weeks!!
Daphne Tully (22-09-2004)

033 Once again you've made a beautiful design to your website.  We love to sit and marvel at the amazing little Norfolks.  Most Sincerely, Laurie, Gary and Monty(norfolk) Hersh Wayne, NJ-USA (20-09-2004)

032 Praise.
You are a very clever lot!
Congratulations on an excellent website – attractive, informative and amusing.
Elisabeth (19-09-2004)

028 Further to our previous message (11-06-04) regarding the passing of our beloved Roops, we are pleased to say that we are the proud owners of Cracknor Call to Battle (Hal) who at 5 months old is very handsome, extremely naughty and completely adorable.  He came along a bit soon following the loss of Roops but as available Norfolks are a bit like the proverbial hens teeth, we decided to take the plunge.  We should like to thank everyone for their friendly help and advice, especially Mr. and Mrs. Mackison and Mrs. Jupp and, of course, we are very grateful to Elizabeth Matell for trusting us with Hal. Christine Cook and Bob Stillman (06-09-2004)

025 I have yet to meet a Norfolk, but have already fallen for them having read about their character & seen their photos. I hope one day to be lucky enough to take on a Rescued Norfolk, until then I will keep dreaming. (21-08-2004)

023 Further to our e-mail dated 27/2/2004 regarding the passing away of our beloved Jagger. We are pleased to tell everyone that we have just become the very proud owners of "A.J." our 9 week old  Norfolk Terrier puppy.  He is absolutely adorable and "full of it", looks like he is going to be great fun.  We would like to thank Pam Wellstead for all her help and assistance and for letting us have A.J.  He will be much loved.
Chris & Dave Barker (Rochester, Kent) (10-08-2004)

022 Thanks for all your appreciation for the  website of the Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain. Your kindness makes me blush...  I feel very flattered but very grateful too that, at the Annual General Club Meeting, you appointed me to be honorary member... I will express my heartfelt thanks for this honourable gesture.
Piet van der Klis, your webmaster

020 Roops (Rupert). My partner and I have just had to have our beloved little dog Roops, put to sleep because of a particularly virulent type of cancer. Although he was eight, we had only had him for three years. For the first five years of his life he lived in a flat with a very elderly gentleman in North London and we “adopted” him when the old man died. He had no real idea what a garden was for (we had two at the time) but soon learned when he saw a squirrel! Although we have had four other dogs over the last twenty years, they lived virtually all of their life-span and so their deaths, although extremely sad, were expected and accepted. We find ourselves completely devastated at the so sudden loss of this wonderful little companion particularly as he accompanied me everywhere including my business because my office is set within the grounds of Stansted House in Hampshire and he soon came to regard the grounds as another of “his” gardens. Everyone he came into contact with adored him – he was very special. Keep up the good work of breeding these wonderful little dogs. (11-06-04) Christine Cook 

019 Hi, I am Andrew Sturgess Of PE South Africa. I Have a 8 year old Half blind Diabetic Norfolk. I think that that they are awonder ful breed Would like to explore your Website. Bye (10-06-04)

018 We have a 13 week old puppy called Dogger. We did look for a little while and then by complete coincidence learnt of new puppies in the next village to whee we live. We were vetted by the owners and rightly so.We had not appreciated how lucky we were until he came home and then we read in the EDP magazine how rare they are! He certainly is a big dog in a little body. Clare Hayes (09-06-04)

016 We are about to have a 'new' member of the family ! He will join my husband, myself and 'George' our 17 year old cat.   Thank you for a very helpful site, our previous dog ( died at 17 ) 2 yrs ago was a Cross Yorkshire terrier/ poddle called 'Blott' . There will never be another like him!! But we are looking forward to having a dog again.  Also thank you to Mr Macinson for helpful advice prior to going to see the puppies last weekend.   Best wishes,     Daphne Tully (13-05-04)

015 From Lena and Bill Lindgren Lobeiro´s kennel, Sweden (12-05-04)
Very nice homepage with lot of reading. The page about trimming - easy to see and learn for everyone. Best wishes
Lena and Bill

014 Thanks for all the praise that was heaped on the website by the committee and members at the Norfolk Terrier Club of GB  AGM 11th April 2004. Thanks for the appreciation, the good wishes, and for the beautiful Norfolk Terrier surprises, you sent to me. Thanks. 
Piet van der Klis, webmaster. ( 
home page )

013 Just a quick hello from Gina Flood and Peanut aka Nordach Night Owl in Bermuda.
Norfolk Terrier Bermuda (21-04-04)

011 I am looking for a healthy bitch puppy, pet standard. I live in Somerset - reasonably local would be good. Can offer good loving home with plenty of exercise. Any help appreciated. Louise Hodgson

010 Hi, and many thanks for a very good homepage. My dog called "Grynet" is nearly 8 mth old, and i´m trying  to "stripp" her down for an international show in June, here in nothern Sweden. The link to "cote care" answers all my questions in the subject. Today we were at her very first unofficial show. As she was the only Norfolk terrier competing. She got price in "Best In Rase" and also "Price of Hounor". A lot of other terriers were also represented and Grynet find her beaten by them in the finaly of all Terriers. But we´ll be back in June.  
Mats Nilsson (21-03-2004)
Vittervägen, Sweden

009 Cute & Informative Site. I am in the process of  acquiring a Norfolk as a Pet and Show dog and I found your site both interesting and informative especially the grooming info. Would anyone be able to tell me how many Norfolks are shown at  a UK Specialty? The Sept 2004 one for example? As someone who  had another breed for 25 years, I have found specialties the place to get the best information.
Keep up the good work, Marlene Corey (29-02-2004) Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

008 I have just been into your web site and found it fascinating and very interesting.  I didn't know about it up until now, wish I had.
We have just lost our dear little Norfolk, 'Jagger', he was eleven and a half and was only poorly for two days, so his death is not only a great sadness to us but a terrible shock.  We are heartbroken.  He was absolutely adorable, funny, mischievous and a great companion.  He loved going for trips out on our boat and used to gallop down the pontoon to get to the boat - he knew exactly where we were moored.  Everyone loved him.
We very much hope to get another Norfolk and have already approached Norfolk Terrier Rescue.  I am sure once we achieve this we will become members of the NTC.
Chris & Dave Barker (Rochester, Kent)

007 A Norfolk Terrier named CoCo has received much acclaim here in US and I've fallen in love with the breed.  Thanx for the website--hope to
own one in the future.

006 My congratulations to the Club and webmaster, a truly excellent site.
Lionel Gribbon Tebrun Norwich Terriers (16-02-2004)

005 What a wonderful informative website.
The coat care is fantastic. Congratulations.
Patchwork Norwich Terriers

004 I just checked your site and it's marvelous!  The instructions on stripping are very and very useful.  I live in Milan, Italy and am the owner of a 20 months old, registered female Norwich.  The Norfolk and Norwich are seldom seen in Italy and I am fortunate to have found a very good groomer here in Milan (she also owns two Norfolks)  I will save your stripping instructions ( just in case I  would ever need to do it myself).   Thanks very much.   Maria Zanier-Wells

003 We are New Yorkers who have a house in Norfolk - would love to find out info on breeders in the Norfolk area, as we may settle there full time eventually.   John Bunch Cecily Gemmell (01-02-2004)

001 Dear Norfolk Terrier Club members,

May the blessings of Christmas be with you all through this season and the coming year.

I am very glad that the website looks good and is pretty unique,  thanks to the enthusiastic help of Cherry Howard and Sally Willbie. I value the very good cooperation: both do not do it by halves!
Many people around the World are increasingly using your website. The number of e-mails that the Club receives is growing.
I am very happy with the beautiful present I got from your Committee, when the site got ready online, this splendid bolo tie.

The bolo tie is called a "bear claw" with turquoise and coral in it. There are small bear claws hanging from the tips, or ends, of the leather. Both are made of sterling silver and came all the way from Santa Fe!

I am delighted with this gift, I like to wear these nice original  neckties... I thank the Norfolk Terrier Club for their appreciation, I do the internet work for the Norfolk Terrier Website with great pleasure, and I consider it an honour.  

Piet van der Klis,