Fun Day 2010


at Baginton on Sat Aug 28 

was a very happy affair with a myriad of terriers plus a few 'honorary terriers' and owners of all ages. The weather was very nice until quite late in the afternoon when there were a couple of heavy showers. But were we put off? No, we weren't! Norfolk and Norwich people are like their dogs indomitable so racing and sausage eating continued. It was nice to see Jon Rudkin back after a serious illness. The Fun Day is his 
baby and he was in charge of the sausage catching competition. His other brain child, 'The Baginton 
Bullet',  when each dog runs against the clock, proved very popular.

The adult fancy dress was wonderful. Dorothy and Toto from The Wizard of Oz won over Mother Christmas accompanied by two four legged Christmas present wrapped in paper complete with ribbon and gift tags! The were popular as was the baker with a little Norwich baker's boy with cap and panniers. 
Between her many chores, NTCGB secretary Gail Simpson managed to transform herself into a monkey and one of her dogs allowed her to dress him into a bright yellow banana.

Meanwhile Gail's mother Joan and Linda Philip were holding the fort. The 'Dorkins Dames', mother Dorothy and daughter Gina were busy on the Norfolk stand where new additions to the tempting display were admired. Dorothy and Gina also help set up the rings and Gina had stayed up in the night making very attractive laminated prize cards.

Cherry Howard rounded up the competitors,  Terry Cooper in his tourist in Barbados garb (but not part of the fancy dress competition) was line judge and timekeeper of the races, Jill Stevenson microchipped, André Hess MRCVS answered eager questions, Juliet Knight, Beverely Watkins and Eileen Needham helped everywhere, and Cherry Stones stripped dogs and gave coat and grooming advice. The Churchills served up their usual appetizing home made food and the sun shone most of the time. What better way to spend an August Saturday?

You can see how much the dogs enjoy their day out meeting others of their kind and taking part in games of all kinds, and the owners take part with great enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.

Elisabeth Matell
Dog World Breed Notes.


Prettiest Bitch, Fun Day 2010
Prettiest Bitch
Adult Fancy Dress, Fun Day 2010
Adult Fancy Dress

Adult Fancy Dress, Fun Day 2010Adult Fancy Dress, Fun Day 2010Adult Fancy Dress, Fun Day 2010

Adult Fancy Dress, Fun Day 2010Fun Day 2010Fun Day 2010Fun Day 2010Fun Day 2010
Junior Handling 6-11 Judge Jon Rudkin
Junior Handling 6-11 Judge Jon Rudkin
Best Junior Handler
Best Junior Handler
Winner Photographic Competition  Hattie by Cherry Howard
Winner Photographic Competition 
Hattie by Cherry Howard


Photographs by Gina Dorkins, Rachel Boer, Anne & Fred Hunt, Cherry Howard.